TestTube for YouTube’s babies

December 10, 2006

YouTube has a new test bed area for features to be trialled and tested by users. A good idea for any high traffic web service in my opinion as there’s nothing more annoying than new features appearing all the time which haven’t been through some proper user testing. It’s been the downfall of many sites when they release something that the developers obviously think is great but the community who use the site are less than impressed.

Currently Streams is the first new feature to be trialled in this way. Streams allows users to set up a room and discuss, share and chat about videos they’ve been watching on YouTube. You can watch and interact with other users, add videos from your Favorites, QuickList, or by pasting in links.

Not convinced by Streams myself, I personally don’t want to cam with other people while browsing YouTube, but the idea of a Labs (Google‘esque) type environment is a winner.


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