Google taking a lead from Yahoo?

December 12, 2006

Seems the PR bods at Google missed out on getting to proof their web page offering a Google optimised version of IE7 for download. Had they seen it, they would have noticed the blatent copying of Yahoo‘s version of the same page. Techcrunch have posted screenshots of the two pages here. It appears the Google page even had an image of IE7 with the Yahoo toolbar installed, exactly the same as the one on the Yahoo download page! Even some of the HTML looks copied…

So I wonder if any heads have rolled at Google over this? Seems a very basic error to make, and over a totally static page like this it really is unforgiveable. The effort involved in designing a basic page like that is minimal, surely Google could have gone to the effort to get it right first time?

Google have now rectified the problem, again posted on Techcrunch here.


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