Google upgrades Finance

December 13, 2006

Google Finance has had a sneaky upgrade which I only noticed last night when for some unknow reason I decided to have a look at it over my usual destination Yahoo Finance.

I’ve always liked the charting functionality on Google, so much more usable than Yahoo, but Yahoo has always won me over with the depth of content.

Google have now extended the charting functionality to allow comparisons of stocks over periods up to 40 years (yes that’s 40 years of data available to all you stock junkies!). There are also new tools to allow you to sort stocks by different indicators and import tools.

While I love the AJAX used on Google it’s still not compelling enough a destination to make me stop visiting Yahoo Finance. Yahoo need to upgrade their charting tools and they’ll blow Google out the water again! This is one area that Google may have lost the battle over…..


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