Visually find your flights

December 13, 2006

I don’t post enough about travel I’ve decided, it is after all my industry (at the moment) but so little has been happening that would be of interest to my readers I’ve neglected it lately.

So it’s nice to get in the office this morning and find an email from a contact with a link to a new visual flight search tool for me to check out.

Wingmap (good name) is a map based flight search tool. Built in Flash it’s pretty quick and the interface loads plenty quick enough for most users. It allows you to click on a city of your choice that you want to leave from, yes that’s a city not an airport, it will then look for flights from all the airports near that city. Then you click on a destination city and it’ll display all the available flights to the airports local to that city, displaying the flight route, prices and airline involved. A quick click and you are delivered straight into the booking process of the airline you’ve chosen. Screenshot below:

At the moment it’s just covering Europe, I’d hope it will grow to cover the rest of the world and allow you to zoom and pan around the globe looking for the best flight prices.

It’s a really nice way to perform a flight search, it’s visual which suits a lot of users, simple to use and very quick at bringing back prices from multiple airlines to compare. Had I developed this I would have been tempted to use an open map API such as Google or Yahoo and allow users to zoom and pan etc, but I think whoever built this site has done an amazing job! The one thing that is slightly annoying is the inability to deselect a city if you’ve clicked the wrong one, we don’t all know the locations of every city in Europe.

Must be tempting to get in touch with someone like Kayak or Travelsupermarket and offer your services to build them one…..


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