Shame it had to come to this…

December 14, 2006

A real shame to read the posts on Techcrunch UK and Crunchnotes this morning, and the comments aren’t much better…

The whole debacle could have been handled a little better! No one would disagree with Sam Sethi’s opinion of LeWeb3 (everyone I’ve spoken with has said the same) and it does feel like the initial reply by the organiser has inflamed something unnecessarily. The comments by Sam regarding events he was planning was probably better had between him and Mike behind closed doors. Those events could have been really good (knowing the circles Sam associates with) and would have been of benefit to Techcrunch. Instead this whole situation is at risk of damaging the reputation of Techcrunch which would be a huge shame as it’s a fantastic blog and Mike Arrington a great editor. Techcrunch UK was building a great following and Sam was doing sterling work getting it off the ground, what a pity if this was the death of it.

Best of luck to Sam, I’m sure he’ll bounce back under another guise…


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