Microsofts new homepage

December 15, 2006

Microsoft have released a redesigned homepage on their main corporate website. It is literally just their homepage that’s changed, the rest of the site is as it has ever been.

The redesigned homepage looks much better, the layout is much more up to date and they’ve obviously taken notice of current design, colour and layout trends.

However, this keeping up with the latest trends looks to have been taken a little too far! They’ve really tried to emulate the Web2.0 crew by stuffing a clunky AJAX navigation module into the page. It’s a nice bit of navigation but is incredibly slow to load, in Firefox 2.0 it is so slow and caused the browser to hang while loading meaning you couldn’t switch to another tab or use any other browser features. It’s slightly better in IE7 but only marginally, the speed is still slower than I’d expect for any piece of website navigation.

The speed of the nav is verging on being so slow it’s unusable, it made me want to find another site to find the info I was looking for straight away. Of course, being Microsoft, chances are the info you want may only be on their website so you may have no choice but to persevere…

My opinion? Top marks for trying to bring their homepage up to date, zero for execution.


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