Google in your pocket…

December 17, 2006

News today in the Guardian that execs from Orange (the mobile company) have visited the Googleplex to discuss the possibility of a tie-up between the two companies to offer a Google based mobile phone. The idea apparently is to bring the full internet to people’s mobile phones using Google software and services as a starting point.

A collaboration of two such well recognised brands could be just what the mobile web needs to really penetrate into people’s lives.

The ‘Google Phone’ would apparently be created by HTC, a Taiwanese manufacturer of smart phones and PDA’s. It would use Google software such as the ongoing work on technology to compress data to manageable sizes for download to portable devices. Of course I’d also expect to see an integration of Google’s Adwords thrown in to the search for good measure.

As long as this effort is an open platform and not the usual walled (or semi-walled) garden approach of mobile operators to date it would be a huge leap forwards for the mobile web. Google’s been on board for a long while offering search to operators portals etc but to have them developing applications to make the mobile web more accessible and usable can only be a good thing!


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