iPhone: aesthetically pleasing but not for me

January 23, 2007

So, the iPhone gets announced to much fanfare by Mr Jobs and the Apple PR engine moves into top gear to push yet another guaranteed hit.

And yes, it does look rather impressive! Aesthetically, it’s the first phone I’ve seen that really looks like it deserves to be part of the 21st century of technology that we currently live in, the departure from standard candy bar/clam shell etc style is a welcome relief.

The iTunes/iPod connection will I’m sure make this a massive success for Apple and guarantee the revenue streams in, but there are aspects to this phone that make me think it is definitely not for me!

My main gripe is that it’s not an open platform. Being unable to install software from other manufacturers is a killer for me. Every smartphone I’ve owned has allowed me to install anything I want that is compatible and that’s the way my phone use will continue, so iPhone wil not be for me!


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