BBC to publish content on YouTube?

January 24, 2007

Rumours abound that the BBC is in talks with Google about publishing some of it’s programming on YouTube and Google Video. Great idea I hear you cry! Why not publish programming after the initial broadcast date? Why not indeed! It’ll be great for the BBC, extra global exposure for it’s programming and certainly great for Google, as a watch again feature for the BBC would be a huge pull for YouTube. However, doesn’t this conflict quite dramatically with the BBC’s IPTV ambitions? IPTV, as well as broadcasting simultaneously (as the BBC has reportedly wanted to do) with terrestrial TV would also allow you to watch programmes after they’d broadcast. Now if the BBC is really serious about IPTV, why would they want to publish to YouTube as well? Surely they’d be better off allowing users access to old programming through their own IPTV software?


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