New Kuoni website

January 24, 2007

Kuoni has launched it’s new website in the last few days. The rumours were that it was supposed to go live before Xmas but got delayed due to how busy the first few weeks of January are. Although I do work for a competitor (of sorts) I thought I’d give it a brief review…

My first impressions were how much more usable it is than their old site, it’s a vast improvement and should really impact their numbers booked online. The new homepage is clean and uncluttered, contains easy to understand navigation and a booking form (the first time they’ve had a booking form on the homepage!) I really like what they’ve done with this page. They have easy ways to navigate through their products; by type of holiday, by destination and (for the traditionalists) by brochure making it really easy to find what you are looking for. A new special offers section is clearly marked and easy to find although the way the offers are listed isn’t particularly easy to scan. Promotional area on the homepage is minimal at the moment however it’s obvious that they could expand downwards as the page is not very long at the moment and as we all know the old ‘below the fold’ argument doesn’t hold as much weight as it used to (with screen sizes growing by the day). The markup is looking good and I really like the fact they’ve used more space and allowed the width of the site to be fluid according to browser width.

Usability is much improved and from a quick glance at the code accessibility looks much better than the old site too!

All in all it’s a massive improvement! Top marks to the Kuoni web team, I’d expect the 15% booked online that they currently quote will jump quite quickly.


One Response to “New Kuoni website”

  1. paulie Says:

    I aggree it’s a vast improvement on the old Kuoni site. It’s accessible and usable; which is allways the important.

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