Google speaks out on Google Video

January 25, 2007

At last Google has breached the subject of the future of Google Video. Ever since it purchased YouTube the future for Google Video has been uncertain. YouTube is the premier video sharing/viewing site online and as such the future has looked bleak for it’s Google named cousin.

So now there’s a post on Googleblog laying out it’s vision for video going forwards. YouTube is to stay as is, a great platform for watching and sharing video. And Google Video? Well they’ve done the sensible thing and reverted back to basics by announcing that Google Video will become the destination for video search on the web. Smart move in my opinion and it fits with the new philosophy of going back to focus on what they are really good at. It’s also possible that with Neven Vision technology etc they may be on the verge of announcing some leaps forward in how we find video content online (that’s just my supposition).


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