Wikitravel is wicked!

February 8, 2007

Working in travel I have a vested interest in anything interesting that crops up online especially when it has a social or information sharing aspect and is to do with travel.

So I was very pleased this morning to come across Wikitravel while browsing the site from my post below.

Not only is it a collaborative effort by people from all over the world to create a useful repository of travel and destination information, it’s also really really good! I’m off to Rome in a few weeks and the information on Wikitravel is better than any other destination guide I’ve looked at (online).

Really good effort! Some great user generated content and I love the social network and info sharing nature of Wiki’s, and it’s all copyleft under Creative Commons which is good to see!


One Response to “Wikitravel is wicked!”

  1. Evan Prodromou Says:

    That is just the kind of comment on Wikitravel I love to read. I hope you enjoy your trip to Rome, and please make sure to update the Wikitravel Rome guide when you get back!

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