Mark Cuban subpoenas YouTube

March 8, 2007

Mark Cuban has changed tack from pressuring Google on his blog to filing a subpoena in federal court in Texas now. Cuban, who famously said that the purchase of YouTube for $1.65bn was moronic, has now put his lawyers into the fray.

Cuban is a partner in Magnolia Pictures, a film distributor; Magnolia is demanding that YouTube/Google reveal details of users who uploaded clips of its movies. The subpoena demands the details be handed over by 20th March; Google has issued its standard silent response so far.

Cuban has made it clear the filing about making a point to Google. He told Reuters: “We don’t expect to get valid user information. If we do, we will contact them and ask them what induced them to upload content they don’t own.”

Probably the last thing Google needs right now is a subpoena from someone who’s not doing it to force their hand on an advertising deal. Where as Fox obviously subpoenaed them to force the issue of a partnership deal, Cuban seems to just be doing it to make life difficult for them.


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