10 ways to get more money out of your e-commerce site!

March 16, 2007

When it’s time to redesign or tweak your e-commerce website what areas should you focus on? Is it just a matter of rebuilding from scratch or applying a new coat of paint? Or are there key areas you should be focusing on?

Help is at hand… Jakob Nielsen, that bastion of usability and helpful tips (although I know some people don’t agree with everything he says and I’m one of them) has published a new article titled 10 High-Profit Redesign Priorities.

There’s some really good points on where you should focus your efforts so this is well worth a read for anyone who wants to increase their conversion rate and get more revenue.


One Response to “10 ways to get more money out of your e-commerce site!”

  1. dee-q Says:

    Thank You for sharing those info with us!

    Having your business online, is without a doubt, the best way to increase exposure and profit. Almost every company in the world is trying to make their marks on the web. And To have a successful online business you are going to need a website. However creating a well optimized andnice looking, functional web site is not very easy to achieve unless you have the right tools and workers to help you.

    There are well established companies online that offers web development services, where you can outsource low cost webmasters to help ensure your website’s SEO, lead generation, accessibility, efficiency and quality content.

    I hope this helps!

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