Microsoft sucks… so says Scoble

March 19, 2007

Great read in the Times regarding Robert Scobles M$ bashing.

I really like Scobles thinking so it’s interesting to read this commentary on the episode. I agree with almost everything he’s said to be honest, M$’s execution online does leave a lot to be desired and they’ve missed a lot of tricks over the last few years. Live is a prime example of a piece of real estate they haven’t made the most of. With Live tied to mail, search, homepages and more it could have been a real cohesive web offering. Perhaps not enough to rival Google but at least enough to command more % market share than it does right now (as a destination online). Mail is still the dominant offering in Live and M$ should have leveraged it better to their advantage!


2 Responses to “Microsoft sucks… so says Scoble”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    It’s stupid and silly to sue any companies for intellectual properties infringement. If every company in the world sued other company for infringement of intellectual property, we wouldn’t have all the nice think in life — Many different cars, electronics, foods, all the nice clothes and many more. Remember all these things have patents and the same goes for the software. Microsoft recent decision to sue Linux companies and Linux users, I think, is stupid and laughable. They know they suck and going down the tube and wants to take others with them too.

    Linux is created and developed by many different people for free and its an open source. Linux belongs to the people not in the hands of Microsoft. I think Xerox and Mac should sue Microsoft for intellectual properties infringement, because they were already created and developed before stupid windows came along. In fact, Microsoft took the ideas from Xerox machine and mac. Before internet or networking, Xerox machines were talking to each other.

    If Microsoft really wins these lawsuits, then I will want to see other companies suing their competitors. For instance, Ford car company is the first motor vechicle manufacturer in the USA and they should sue HONDA, CHRYSLER, GMC, KIA, INFINITI, NISSIAN and all other car company in the world for using Ford’s patent on combustible engine, wheels, steering wheels, etc.

    You all get my point. Microsoft is stupid to sue their competitors for infringement. They are hurting so bad that they are desparate to make that extra dollar anyway they see fit.

  2. Delphi Geek Says:

    Nice blog to talk about technology and gadgets but what really comes down to is where are headed in technological changes.

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