Berners-Lee urges preparation for Semantic Web

March 20, 2007

Great article in Computer Weekly that describes the benefits of semantic web and why companies need to start preparing. Tim Berners-Lee mentions the Resource Description Framework and Web Ontology Language that’s coming from the working group. This is something I’m looking forwards to (as an information junkie), it’s similar although much more complex to Microformats which is pleasing (as an avid fan of Microformats) and will really help make the information available through the web more useful and accessible (Google really should have thought of this…)!

The more we get overloaded with information and the more disjointed the web becomes it’s imperative that we (as designers/developers/experts) all embrace semantic web and ensure it becomes the defacto standard for tagging up content as soon as it’s released (of course your Microformats will work alongside). Content that can be understood (to some extent) by software opens up a myriad of possibilities for us all, especially with the growing trend for data mashups…


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