Google trialing cost-per-action

March 21, 2007

Google is trialing cost-per-action adverts on publishers sites in the U.S. I’ve been expecting this for some time as a natural progression for Adwords/Adsense to move to a similar model to affiliates. This will help advertisers avoid click fraud and see more of a return on investment.

More details on the trial are on the Googleblog.


One Response to “Google trialing cost-per-action”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    Low cost per acquisition on internet search has hit a flat line. With more and more firms entering the paid search market, the CPC for keywords have increased therefore resulting in an increase in cost per acquisition. Firms such as insearch will only deal with businesses with a limited online advertising budget – because they know how hard it is for a small to medium size businesses to make a good ROI. Though their speciality is pay per click advertising they also offer another service called SEO which is the model of getting websites to rank on the organic search results – meaning you are not paying each time some clicks through – This is one service that will reduce acquisitions

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