Microsoft wimps out on video copyright issues

March 23, 2007

Rather than taking it like a behemoth, Microsoft has run away from the issue of video copyright and shut it’s Soapbox site for a couple of months. Soapbox is the Microsoft competitor to YouTube etc and is a fairly nice app although not getting the visits required to be any sort of threat. They’ve seen Soapbox fill up with copyrighted clips since it launched and with no protection and (so I’ve heard) a long winded method of taking down clips they’re seeking to improve.

Microsoft have signed up to the NBC/News Corp. deal and as such need to be seen to be making efforts to prevent piracy. There was a real risk that they could have been dumped from the deal if (like YouTube) they were found to be carrying large amounts of the media companies content.

So in reality it’s a sensible move which will prepare them for the coming distribution deal, however I can’t help feeling that they have wimped out by taking it offline rather than just releasing updates and keeping it accessible!


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