€45 Million for a website?? Only a government could do that!

March 26, 2007

I’m in shock! I’ve just become aware of the debacle surrounding the Italian governments new tourism website which promotes their country to potential visitors.

This is the story of the Italian National Tourism Portal which has recently appeared online after three years (the project began 16th March 2004). Created by IBM the site launched to derision worldwide from the blogosphere and from Italians themselves. It’s amazing that such a huge sum of money can be spent on a website which doesn’t appear particularly complex. Far more sophisticated websites are created all the time with budgets a fraction of this spend. Rumour has it that the logo alone cost €100,000!

Design wise it looks pretty good, but it doesn’t work on all browsers, has a lot of copy errors and very poor translation, accessibility is shocking and it’s incredibly slow to browse around.

Apparently it’s not the worst offending government sponsored money-pit website, rumour has it that the German employment office site cost an astounding €160 million! Both of these sites are scandalous wastes of public money, something far better could have been produced for far less money!


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