Google makes it’s TV ad foray official

April 3, 2007

Google announced on Monday that it is partnering with EchoStar to sell commercials over the DISH satellite broadcaster’s 125 national programming networks, an early indicator of how the Internet giant plans to use its $10.6 billion online ad business to conquer television.

Under the deal, advertisers will use Google’s AdWords automated auction interface to bid on ad spots. Advertisers can upload their TV commercials and select the desired time of day and channel, as well as choose regional or national area coverage. They can also target the ad based on a show’s demographics.

Google also confirmed it has been testing a similar advertising effort with Astound Broadband, a small cable TV operator east of San Francisco that serves about 23,000 Concord and Walnut Creek, Calif. Astound has been testing TV ad sales with Google since the fall, the companies said. Cable set-top boxes track which programs a household watches so that targeting systems eventually could match the kinds of shows the household prefers with ads for products and services that would suit their interests.

Google seem to be becoming more about advertising than about the sharing and transfer of information. All they need to do now is buy Doubleclick, expand the TV trials to the rest of the world and get print and radio working better and they’ll be the biggest ad network on the planet!!


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