Spannerworks mapping the web for brands

April 4, 2007

Spannerworks are a great agency, I use them for SEO currently, but my relationship with them goes a long way back (a start-up I worked for built sites for their Chief Exec many years ago). Plus they’re the local boys made good in the web world as possibly the most successful Brighton based new media concern.

So it’s great to learn that they are still breaking new ground by launching innovative new products. Their latest offering is called Network Sense, and it’s being touted by them as ‘giving companies critical insights into the relationship between their brand and social media networks, such as blogs and wikis, and online communities such as MySpace and Bebo‘.

Sounds like a very smart move to me! The buzz around social media and reputation is huge at the moment. It’s also a topic very close to my heart as I used to program intelligent search agents designed specifically to track reputation, buzz and commentary on large companies when at that same start-up many years ago. Great to see this all coming full circle!


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