YouGetIt… Web 2.1 in the making?

April 4, 2007

YouGetIt is full of promise. It’s a new social/sharing/app/desktop/homepage/publishing/aggregator type thing by the sounds of it (I think)… Then again I may be wrong??

As Pete Cashmore of Mashable said, had this been announced on the 1st April no one would have believed it, especially with the people behind this being a company called Web2Corp (actually, Web2Corp sound really interesting so I’m going to save judgement until I see something tangible).

Anyway, they are professing to be about to launch the ultimate Web 2.whatever web app, one that will combine all your favourite services under one umbrella and take 2.0 that little bit further to 2.1.

It sounds amazing from the description in their press release:

“Websites like,,,, and any other hot Web 2.0 property are all very limited,” says William Mobley, CEO of Web2Corp. “They’re social media, yes, but they only deal with one aspect of media. is a photo site, YouTube does video, and eBay is auctions and sales. You don’t have convergence, you don’t have synergy of content. Sites like Yahoo! Pipes are trying to provide users with that kind of seamless experience across the whole offering of social applications, but they haven’t really been able to make it click yet. compiles every social application out there and more into one site that is media-rich and easily tagged, commented upon, linked, and cross-linked. It’s all aggregated in one spot, with delivery and content determined by the user. It’s a new type of aggregation: self-aggregation. We’ve moved beyond Web 2.0 and are launching Web 2.1. We’re finally beginning to approach what Tim O’Reilly calls the ‘Semantic Web.’ The internet’s about to be revolutionized, and we’re starting by inviting media, major tech writers, and bloggers to come see what the next big things is.”

I’ve signed up for beta access (whether I get it is another matter, I hope so), if I hear more I’ll post in due course. The video on their site doesn’t really give any more away than the above to be honest but I’m looking forward to seeing this very much. Anything that helps me throw away the need to access so many services and helps me organise and categorise my information is definitely a winner in my eyes!


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  1. Anonymous Says:

    Just signed up

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