Autonomy help big media take aim at YouTube…

April 5, 2007

Autonomy, the firm who make excellent search and data mining products have announced a new extension to their video search and management tool Virage. Virage Automatic Copyright Infringement Detection, or ACID for short, enables copyright owners such as broadcasters, production houses and publishers to maintain control of their Intellectual Property by automating the detection of illegal distribution of copyrighted material on the Internet.

Autonomy say: Using Autonomy’s unique Meaning-Based Computing, which includes patented image and audio analysis technology, and powered by the Intelligent Data Operating Layer (IDOL), ACID offers a fast, accurate and scalable method of detecting breaches of copyright, wherever they are located and whatever format they are in. By automatically detecting any rich media that infringes an organization’s copyright, Virage ACID eliminates the need for content owners to spend hours trawling through video sharing websites, or manually scanning p2p file contents.

This is perfect for media owners, this will actually watch the video footage for you and report back on whether it breaches your copyright or not. I’d imagine it’s going to act as a software agent that you can send off to scour the web for video that may be in breach. Takes me back to the days of Autonomys’ search agents symbolised by the dog (long time ago).

A very timely release if you ask me, and it’s bound to get some take up with the current hype around video copyright. Autonomys’ technology is already in use by the video search engine Blinkx. Perhaps YouTube should get Autonomy onboard to help negate their own failure to provide copyright protection?


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