Google buys DoubleClick

April 16, 2007

So Google have finally staked their claim to the display advertising world through the acquisition of DoubleClick. Google have been active in display for a while but without the tools and penetration to allow them to really take the market by storm (at least except for the bloggers who use Adsense). The acquisition of DoubleClicks advertising business will allow Google to offer full service display advertising to the largest of brands in the future.

This makes Google hugely powerful in the online advertising world. Word is that one UK based travel company will now be seeing approx 80% of it’s online spend go into Google’s coffers (Adwords and banners combined). Throw in the moves into classified, radio and TV and Google have it almost sewn up!

Microsoft (and also Yahoo) have said that they believe that the acquisition will stifle competition and turn Google into a monopoly. I tend to agree with them (for once), although I’m sure there are some sour grapes involved as MS were looking to buy DoubleClick themselves…

It’s seeming like Google have bought DoubleClick to prevent anyone else doing it and to jump start their display arm. This gives them a huge head start on the other players by giving them an established technology and a long list of customers.

News also out today that Google have signed another radio ad deal, this time with ClearChannel in Calif. The offering is becoming very attractive to advertisers, consider being able to optimise ad display across multiple media and channels at the click of a mouse through a single supplier interface. Perhaps you can weight your spend against different media depending on the performance. It also could give marketers the opportunity to pull back their budget from the media buyers and deal with it in house as I’m sure Google will develop a raft of tools to allow campaigns to be more easily managed across multiple media.


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