The future of the web as we know it

April 16, 2007

A huge topic I know and one that I hope is destined to move us towards a more semantic way of classifying the deluge of data we are all assaulted with on a daily basis… However I’ve come across a couple of articles that are highly interesting to anyone involved in the web today that I wanted to share.

The first is the announcement that certain researchers would quite like to scrap the web as we know it and start again from scratch. They reason that things have moved on so quickly that it is a miracle that the internet still works at all and that a clean slate is the only way to address such fundamentals as security and mobility.

The second is an interesting look into the virtual side of the web and surmises that we should all expect the web of the future to be more interactive, virtual, social and realistic.

Interesting stuff I hope you’ll agree! Leaves a lot of questions unanswered though… How would we port exisiting web apps to a new environment? Do we really want the web to be a huge Second Life? Isn’t the foundation of the web information sharing and how do we harness the powers we have to move forward the platform we all know and love? We’ve only just hit Web 2.0 (which is really web 1.1 in my opinion) it may be a little soon to be aiming for Web 3.

Answers on a postcard to 23Musings please…


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