Netvibes Universe goes live (at least it did)

April 17, 2007

Netvibes has announced the launch of it’s Universe feature this morning. It’s a Netvibes page that users can build (adding content that they’ve chosen), and then make it accessible to anyone online. Great idea! I’m always turning friends onto the power of Netvibes as it’s my personal homepage of choice, being able to send them a link to my page so they can see one set up and ready to go would be really useful. It would be even more useful if they could then save your page as a base for their own!

Branded Universes are great for companies who want to create a branded, controlled place for people to access their content from multiple sources. These also could be really useful for companies wanting a quick and easy intranet style homepage for their employees (eg. showing stock, news, blog mentions etc etc).

Netvibes is working again now. Tariq posted on their blog saying that they had to upgrade the servers to cope with demand. Pretty good going and promising for take up I reckon!


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