StumbleUpon to be bought by eBay? Google announcing competitor?

April 19, 2007

Rumours are rife over the future of StumbleUpon, the user rating web discovery platform. I like it, it tends to deliver me decent websites that I find interesting and therefore can be useful.

The rumour is that eBay are going to buy them for somewhere around the $50m mark. That’s a good mark-up considering their $1.5m seed funding they’ve had so far.

It would appear like a rash buy that is purely going ahead to try to stop anyone else from buying them, but there are aspects of StumbleUpon that make it a decent fit, primarily the community aspect (what with eBay having a huge community).

Not wanting to be outdone, Google have announced new functionality for their toolbar which is basically a StumbleUpon type feature. The toolbar now includes a dice icon, click it and you’ll be taken to a new website that Google thinks you’ll find interesting based on your previous search queries. This isn’t exactly like StumbleUpon but the end result is the same – discovery of new websites based on your interests.


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