Google getting into video conferencing? And profits soar…

April 20, 2007

Google has announced yet another purchase (when will they stop!), this time a they’ve bought the video conferencing software of a company called Marratech.

It’s not at all clear what their intention is with this tool, all they say is that it will allow Googlers (does that mean Google employees or users) to use from-the-desktop video conferencing whenever there’s an internet connection.

The smart money however is on this eventually becoming part of the online office suite. It could add a lot of value as a standalone browser based conferencing tool, but even more if integrated into the collaboration aspects of the new presentation tool and docs & spreadsheets!

On the same day, Google have announced another massive leap in profit and growth. In the past year they’ve had a 69% increase in profits, mostly down to their immense advertising revenue!!


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