Telegraph next to go after Google?

April 25, 2007

So now the Telegraph newspaper has come out saying that Google are stealing their copyrighted content by showing extracts in search and news results. The editor has said that they need to act to protect their content in order to protect their brand online.

This has surprised me as the Telegraph has shown a forward thinking approach to the web in the past. They’ve been rebuilding sections of their website really well and spending time on their information architecture.

To not grasp the concept of the huge benefits that being listed in Google gives them is crazy! What do they want to do? Charge Google if they want to include their news in the results? Google will just delist them if that happens, then they lose the huge benefits of being part of the most used search engine in town. And when they come crying that their traffic has plummeted to Google? Well Google will of course charge them to be relisted.

How narrow minded can old-media still be!!


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