The UK hates online ads more than anyone else…

May 15, 2007

Alright, maybe not more than anyone else but we do at least shout about our dislike for online ads more than most other people…

The number of complaints has risen considerably, protest about various online advertising campaigns rose by 33 percent in 2006, according to an annual report by the Advertising Standards Authority.

Web advertisements came in second after the national press as the most complained about medium with over 2,000 complaints logged, beating complaints about direct mail.

What would really interest me would be to know the proportion of complaints which are objections to obtrusive ads instead of just general objections to the ads content. I’m sure a lot of the issues arise due to users frustrations at pop-up, roll-over and floating layer adverts. They certainly annoy me!


One Response to “The UK hates online ads more than anyone else…”

  1. merjoem32 Says:

    Interesting. It’s clear that Internet advertising can be very annoying. they can really affect the quality of the Internet experience.

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