Independent guns for Google!

May 24, 2007

Big article in the Independent today inferring that Google is getting more and more big-brother like as time goes on.

This is in response to Eric Schmidts comments about the desire of Google to be able to tell what a users job is, what they want to do and where they are at any time from their interaction history.

I believe this is a bit OTT to be honest, they’re assuming Google have some malevolent desire to gather all this info about you for some evil reason, whereas I believe Google just want to make more money and serve more targeted content and adverts.

Here’s a copy of the front cover of todays Independent. Kudos to Google as they are really front of mind to make a front page!


2 Responses to “Independent guns for Google!”

  1. Alex Says:

    Its a nice headline you have – however I think you meant Independent…. delete this comment if you wish (once you have edited – as I sure you will!)

  2. Steve E Says:

    Alex, thanks! It’s been a long couple of days with little sleep (although thats no real excuse). Cheers for the heads up!

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