A day without Google!

June 12, 2007

Okay, take a look at the posts below and you’ll see I haven’t gone a day without… Altsearchengines, a blog aiming to encourage users to step outside the top 5 engines comfort zone is encouraging users not to use the big 5 today.

Their rules:

1. All day Tuesday, June 12th, don’t use any of the 5 major search engines.

2. Avoid Meta search engines, since most of them include the major search engines. (for this day only! Meta search engines are important; see the Great Debate Tuesday night!)

3. Likewise, the specialized vertical search engines may be too narrowly focused. (for this day only. It’s the vertical search engines that usually search the best; within their niche.)

4. Consider changing your homepage or downloading their toolbar. You can always uninstall everything and change back on Wednesday.

5. On Wednesday, leave a detailed comment under this post and share your experience with the rest of us. Which alt search engine did you chose? How would you rate the experience? (if you want to comment go here)

So if you’re looking for an alternative here’s the top 100:

50matches.com [HM] http://www.50matches.com
Accoona http://www.accoona.com
AfterVote {SEM} http://www.aftervote.com
Agent 55 http://www.agent55.com
Allth.at http://www.allth.at
Answers.com http://www.answers.com
Audiobaba http://www.audiobaba.com
Blabline http://www.blabline.com
blinkx http://www.blinkx.com
Blogdigger [HM] http://www.blogdigger.com
Bookmach http://www.bookmach.com
btbot http://www.btbot.com
CatchTomorrow http://www.catchtomorrow.com
ChaCha {#1 2006} http://www.chacha.com
ClipBlast! http://www.clipblast.com
Cognitionsearch http://www.cognitionsearch.com
Collarity http://www.collarity.com
Compete http://www.compete.com
Congoo http://www.congoo.com
CrossEngine http://www.crossengine.com
Cydral en.cydral.com
Decipho http://www.decipho.com
Deligio [HM] http://www.deligio.com
eTools.ch http://www.etools.ch
Exalead http://www.exalead.com
Factbites http://www.factbites.com
Faroo faroo.com
FeedMiner http://www.feedminer.com
Feedster ww.feedster.com
FindSounds [HM] http://www.findsounds.com
Fisssh! http://www.fisssh.com
FyberSearch http://www.fybersearch.com
GameSkoot http://www.gameskoot.com
GenieKnows (Games) http://www.genieknows.com
Gigablast http://www.gigablast.com
GoPubMed http://www.gopubmed.com
GoshMe {SEM} http://www.goshme.com
gravee http://www.gravee.com
Grokker http://www.grokker.com
Hakia http://www.hakia.com
Healthline http://www.healthline.com
iBoogie http://www.iboogie.com
Icerocket http://www.icerocket.com
indeed http://www.indeed.com
ixquick [HM] http://www.ixquick.com
KartOO *SEM* (tie) http://www.kartoo.com
Knuru http://www.knuru.com
KoolTorch {SEM} http://www.kooltorch.com
Kosmix [HM] http://www.kosmix.com
Krugle http://www.krugle.com
Ktorrents http://www.ktorrents.com
lijit [HM] http://www.lijit.com
Like http://www.like.com
LivePlasma http://www.liveplasma.com
Mojeek http://www.mojeek.com
MP3Realm mp3realm.org
Ms. Freckles http://www.msfreckles.com/?lang=en
Nayio http://www.nayio.com
nnseek http://www.nnseek.com
Nutshell http://www.nutshell.com
Omgili http://www.omgili.com
Pagebull http://www.pagebull.com
Picsearch http://www.picsearch.com
Pipl pipl.com
Pixsy http://www.pixsy.com
Pluggd http://www.pluggd.com
Podnova http://www.podnova.com
Podzinger http://www.podzinger.com
Purevideo http://www.purevideo.com
Quintura *SEM* (tie) http://www.quintura.com
Quintura Kids kids.quintura.com
Revolutionhealth http://www.revolutionhealth.com
Searchbots http://www.searchbots.net
SearchKindly http://www.searchkindly.com
Searchles http://www.searchles.com
SearchTheWeb2 http://www.searchtheweb2.com
SeeIt [HM] http://www.seeit.com
Serph http://www.serph.com
Sidekiq http://www.sidekiq.com
Simply Google http://www.simplygoogle.com
Simplyhired http://www.simplyhired.com
Slifter http://www.slifter.com
Sphere http://www.sphere.com
Sproose [HM] http://www.sproose.com
Srchr http://www.srchr.com
Sugarcode http://www.sugarcode.com
Surfwax http://www.surfwax.com
Swamii http://www.swamii.com
TheFind.com http://www.thefind.com
Trexy http://www.trexy.com
Turboscout http://www.turboscout.com
Twerq http://www.twerq.com
ViewFour http://www.viewfour.com
WasaLive en.wasalive.com
Wazap! http://www.wazap.com
Whonu? [HM] http://www.whonu.com
WiseNut http://www.wisenut.com
Wize wize.com
Yoople! http://www.yoople.com
Zuula http://www.zuula.com


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  1. drew olanoff Says:

    would love to hear your feedback on pluggd! drew (at) pluggd.com

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