Google Apps to get presentation by year end

June 15, 2007

I blogged the other day about the new feature in Gmail to view a Powerpoint presentation within your browser and surmised at the end that it may be the first step to releasing it as an app. It seems I was right. An interview with Matthew Glotzbach, director of product management in Google’s enterprise division in PCWorld says exactly that!

He says “Presentation is a feature of Google Documents, it’s not as much building a separate presentation application. We are building this ability to present from a document.”

Sounds good to me! Google Apps is brilliant and I use it just as much as Microsoft Office now especially for the collaborative nature and portability.

Other forthcoming additions to Google Apps discussed are video, note-taking, blogging and group-discussion applications. The article also says that Google are aiming to establish parity between the offline and online capabilities of its productivity suite. This will be the killer piece of the online office suite and will utilise the Google Gears API’s.

Once offline ability is added I may well throw away Microsoft Office for good!


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