Teen backlash on social networks coming?

June 18, 2007

It seems that the fogies are finding their feet in the web 2.0 world of social networks. Facebook is reporting a huge influx of members over the age of 25 and MySpace etc are becoming platforms for presidential candidates. Parents everywhere are hopping on the social network bandwagon and the kids don’t like it one little bit!

I’m delighted at this news! As a 32 year old web user who’s been involved in social sites for 11 years (that’s when I built my first community based portal) I’ve been dying for more people of my age group to join sites such as Facebook. I’ve been a member since it opened up and have had huge difficulty finding people I really want to add as friends.

Needless to say, I’ve joined the Facebook group “Unlike 99.99 per cent of the Facebook population, I was born in the 70’s”.

Read more on this at the Telegraph.


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