Terry Semel steeping down, Jerry Yang stepping up

June 18, 2007

It seems Terry Semel is out of favour. Breaking news has just come out that he’s stepping down from the CEO position of Yahoo in favour of Yahoo co-founder Jerry Yang who’s stepping up to that position.

The consistent inability for Yahoo to close the gap on Google would seem to be the major reason. Yahoo aren’t competing, merely following at the moment. Recent months have seemed promising with the launch of Pipes and Panama showing a more forward thinking company, but still the figures aren’t pleasing the shareholders.

Semel will assume a non-exec position which will keep him in the sphere of influence. Susan Decker, who’s currently in charge of Panama and Yahoo’s advertising efforts will step up to President.

The way things are going it wouldn’t surprise me to see Yang step aside in 6 months to allow Decker to take over the helm if she can prove herself.


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