Most annoying web words

June 22, 2007 has a blog post about a recent YouGov survey which asked people what words used on the web were most likely to make them ‘wince, shudder or want to bang your head on the keyboard’ (pretty extreme reactions to words if you ask me).

The results are below:

  1. folksonomy
  2. blogosphere
  3. blog
  4. netiquette
  5. blook
  6. webinar
  7. vlog
  8. social network
  9. cookie
  10. wiki, podcast and avatar

I’m a bit flummoxed! Who did they ask, a load of people who’ve never heard of these words or didn’t understand them I’d bet. Folksonomy is an excellent word but only really makes sense if you understand taxonomy and it’s meaning. Also, some of these words have been around for years, so why ask? All seems a bit pointless to me!


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