Google Docs keeps advancing

June 27, 2007

Great to hear that Google have rolled out new features for it’s Google Docs application! The latest additions are (as always) eminently useful to the average user (like me) and to businesses who may choose to use the whole Google Apps suite.

The document list has been given a new look, new icons, more content and better control to organise your documents.

Folders have been added! This is a huge bonus for users, and makes organisation of your documentation a whole lot easier. The folders continue to work like the previous tags as well so all the old tags are transformed into folders. This is brilliant, it looks more professional and is much simpler to see the organisation this way. I really hope they do the same for Gmail, as much as i like the ability to label/tag messages, you can’t beat folders for being properly organised.

Search ahead, once you start searching for a document, the list will filter based on what you’ve typed so far. Another useful feature that can save time as you don’t always need to type everything now.

They’ve also launched the ability to integrate with Encyclopedia Britannica and Merriam-Websters dictionary and thesaurus.

This is all great and takes Google Docs another step ahead of the competition in my opinion! Still waiting for full Google Gears offline capability, but I’m sure that’s coming soon!


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