Two-tiered internet? No thanks!!

June 28, 2007

The BBC is carrying a story on the possible forthcoming move to a two-tiered internet by some ISP’s. The gist of the story is below:

ISPs may start charging some websites for faster access to customers. It could create a two-tiered internet which, while making money for providers would risk alienating consumers.

ISPs currently operate on incredibly tight margins in order to offer cheap broadband deals to the public. One way of creating a new revenue stream would be to supply faster, prioritised access to a select group of websites willing to pay.

This is mental in my opinion! In no way do I want an ISP to control the speed with which I can access certain websites! I want equal access to all, and to be honest I am less interested in the kind of websites who would probably pay extra anyway.

I really hope that if this happens there is some kind of revolt from consumers, and that at least one ISP has the good business sense to keep the playing field level!

According to JupiterResearch, 16% of net users want a guarantee from their ISP not to restrict access to third party websites while 29% want flat-rate pricing with no usage limits.


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