WAYN goes access all areas

June 29, 2007

Travel related social network WAYN (Where Are You Now) has opened it’s doors to all users and removed the access restrictions that were once in place.

This seems to be a trend at the moment. Just the other day there was the news that HotOrNot are doing great now that they’ve removed their paid access restrictions. There’s also a rumour going around that the school reunion website Friends Reunited (which was one of the first social networking environments) is doing so badly that they are considering removing all fees for access.

This has to be a response to Facebooks current exponential growth and the already massive MySpace, neither of which have a paid for model and do extremely well for it.

Paid for sites are never as sticky as a free one because users just don’t come back as often and there aren’t so many users to get the mass interest a network really needs.

It will be interesting to see how WAYN do with the restrictions removed. They have the potential to be huge if they get it right and have backing from some eminent people in both travel and the online environment. Of course they still have premium accounts you can pay for but you get all the good functionality for nothing now!


3 Responses to “WAYN goes access all areas”

  1. Guillaume Says:

    Hi Steve,

    I can’t believe I didn’t read your blog earlier. I am always try to get B2B Travel related blogs and yours wasn’t featuring on my RSS aggregator Netbives until today. So congratulations for your blog. It’s always good to read somebody from the industry who is as passionate as me to share what’s coming up with new entrants embracing web 2.0.

    I have been following WAYN for a while now and I am glad that they open access to non paid users. I think the revenue potential they could get is probably better off with targeted advertising than with paid users.

    Now. I am seeing the travel community expending to more and more new ventures (VibeAgent, Vinivi, Tripadvisor, Travbuddy, TripUp,…). Where is this going to end ?

    All the best,


  2. Steve E Says:

    Thanks Guillaume. I’ve been reading your blog for a while.

    Whats next? Well hopefully those travel companies with great brands will build a network around them for their loyal customers. I know adding social networking features is a bit of a fad right now, but for really good brands it could lead to amazing brand loyalty.

    Beyond that, probably some amazing AJAX interface metasearches that pull in content through API’s from review/video/content sites.

  3. Travolution Blogger Says:

    You can read the reasons why Peter and Jerome opened up WAYN here:



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