Time for a virtual meeting?

July 3, 2007

Crowne Plaza hotels have set up some virtual meeting rooms in Second Life. You can book these on their website and meet up virtually to hold your all important meeting or conference.

I’m getting a little tired of all these Second Life fads. There are plenty of conferencing tools out there which do this job perfectly well without the need for avatars and flying around.

There’s many useful Second Life opportunities but business meetings is surely taking it one step too far. Are agencies spinning Second Life so much that brands are willing to buy into every crazy idea? You can book these meeting rooms for free so there’s no revenue for Crowne Plaza, therefore it must all be about brand awareness and being part of the virtual world thing. Time to get a dose of the real world perhaps in order to learn how to fully leverage the virtual and monetise it?


One Response to “Time for a virtual meeting?”

  1. Global Webmonster Says:


    My team at STA Travel ahve developed a fantastic Second Life orientation island in SL and we have a really cool blog site ehich you cna have a look at on http://www.virtualstatravel.com.

    Also it was nice to hear that you are enjoying our STA Travel Tools. 😉



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