Want to get your web site or app iPhone ready? Here’s how

July 4, 2007

Here’s a useful link from Apple’s Developer Connection which tells you all you need to know to get your web site or application ready for use by iPhone users.

To be honest it should be fairly straightforward as it’s the Safari 3 engine under the hood of the iPhone so if it works in Safari it should be fine in iPhone. Of course you may want to look at serving up a different version scaled to fit the iPhone as I for one find the zoom browse of modern phones a pain in the neck*. I’d much rather use a web app that sizes itself to the device I am using, it makes the browsing experience so much easier.

Anyway, the link above has all you need to know and some handy hints on how to utilise mail and maps on the iPhone. If you’re in any doubt about whether your app will work on iPhone then read the above.

*Of course, AT&T’s lousy 2G connection speeds make the browsing experience a pain in the neck anyway at the moment for anyone who owns an iPhone.


One Response to “Want to get your web site or app iPhone ready? Here’s how”

  1. ChristopherA Says:

    The document released by Apple this week only tells the beginning of the story of how to optimize web pages for the iPhone and develop webapps. The http://www.iPhoneWebDev.com developer community has been working hard to fill in the gaps of missing information. Since Friday we’ve figured out some best practices for viewport settings, discovered how to hide the URL bar to make more space available to web apps, how to detect orientation changes (portrait to landscape and back), and have made progress on quite a few issues and work arounds for a number of bugs. If you are an iPhone web coder, check out our archives and come join our community of developers helping developers!

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