Facebook just keeps on growing!

July 6, 2007

Exponential is a good word for the growth that Facebook is currently experiencing!

ComScore has them down as having achieved 89% visitor growth in the last year, since the sign-up was opened to everyone (what a smart move…). In May 2007 they achieved 15.8 billion page views (that’s an astonishing number, the infrastructure required makes the mind boggle!), 26.6 million unique users (again, a stunning number) and each visitor averaged 186 minutes at the site during that month.

That’s 3.6 million more users than in April 2007. A lot of this growth has to be coming from the UK as it’s really only the last few months that folks over here have really got there teeth into it.

That’s an amazing audience! I’m amazed the site isn’t plastered with advertising, there’s only really the main banner on the left at the moment. I would expect to see a much bigger push from Facebook to monetise this audience while they have them (as we all know how fickle social network users are).


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