Microsoft Live Search catching up?

July 11, 2007

So Compete is saying that Microsoft Live search has grown massively in the last month in the number of searches and users it’s accommodating. They have increased the volume of queries by 67% from May to June and by 48% from the same time last year. Good going! Pretty impressive growth rates I hear you cry.

I thought that until I dug a little deeper and discovered via Marketing Charts that Live search has been running a promotion where users play games in return for tickets they can collect towards free gifts. All the games played involve the use of the search engine so it’s easy to see how this growth has occurred.

The prizes are worth having too, and with reports of users running bots against the games to speed up the winning of prizes it does make me wonder if this is a last gasp effort by Microsoft to get some revenue from search marketing (both for themselves and for advertisers) to try to impress.

I can’t see Google or even Yahoo quaking in their boots about the growth figures now…


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