DVLA bigger online than Tesco.com

July 19, 2007

Now everyone in e-commerce knows that Tesco.com is one of the biggest UK internet retailers and therefore one of the biggest e-commerce sites in the land. Tesco have been hugely successful in their ventures online and it’s easy to see why if you have ever used their home shopping website (great usability).

News has come out however that the DVLA (Driver Vehicle Licensing Agency) is actually a bigger online player now! They recently put the ability to renew your tax disc online and it’s getting huge usage.

On the DVLA site 273,500 motorists buy their tax discs electronically every week with £4.2m generated every day, compared with 250,000 weekly online orders to Tesco generating £3.6m per day. On the busiest day in March 2007, £9.9m was generated in tax paid online, and to date, 12.5 million of 33 million UK vehicles have been taxed online.

Of course the main reason for this is convenience, not having to queue at the Post Office is the reason I use it and to have it delivered to your door is so easy.

Kudos to the DVLA for being a government department who’ve built a service that gets used and people understand!


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