Adsense for gaming coming soon…

July 23, 2007

Reports are out that Google announced the coming Adsense implementation for the gaming world at the Casual Connect conference.

This is really good news for game publishers as it means a new revenue stream they can tap into. It’s especially good for those who create online games as well as the integration between games, ads and link destination will be much more seamless.

Imagine a game like WoW or Second Life implementing this, the placement opportunities would be endless and therefore the revenue that could be derived would be huge!

Quite how it would work on a standard console game (such as a driving sim) is yet to be revealed. Will it turn out to be purely display or will they tie in the online capabilities of the new consoles to allow gamers to click ads and visit the advertisers chosen destination. Not sure you’d have time to click an ad in a driving sim, or the inclination to break the gaming flow, but I’m sure this will be a huge success for Google on slower moving, more exploratory games where you explore worlds at your leisure.


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