What does it take to turn lookers into bookers?

July 30, 2007

In the world of online travel conversion rates are king! Turning those that are just looking at your website into people who want to book is the holy grail and what everyone in the industry is striving for.

Interestingly, someone has done some of the work for us (which is always nice)! A company called YPartnership have a publication that comes out annually looking at the travel industry. The latest issue has surveyed travel consumers to ask them what they look for on a travel website. Consumers are clearly most interested in the ability to check the lowest available fares and rates. That’s not to suggest web site content is unimportant. Rather, it’s just not as important as the ability to satisfy consumers’ determination to get a good deal!

Here’s the summary list below showing what percentage of consumers surveyed said was most important to them on an online travel website:

Desirability Of Travel Web Site Features

Extremely/Very Desirable:
Being able to check the lowest available fares/rates
Having an easy-to-use booking feature
Photos of the hotel and resort facilities, rooms, etc.
Destination maps that illustrate area activities, dining, shops, attractions, etc.
The option of scheduling and confirming vacation activities in advance of arrival
The ability to preview room locations
The ability to check last minute air, hotel and car rental availability
Photos of the area
Virtual video tours of the hotel and resort facilities
Live counselors to handle questions over the phone who can instantly send information for me to look at on my computer
E-mail notifications of travel specials and discounts when they become available
Being able to download and print promotional literature and brochures from the site
A web site that remembers my personal preferences
Virtual video tours of the area
Bulletin boards for questions and advice from others who have traveled there
The ability to share photographs and personal accounts of travel experiences

One Response to “What does it take to turn lookers into bookers?”

  1. gettravel Says:

    This is a nice little checklist. We are Get A Trip.com. We should be going “live”in August of 2009. We too want to be the “best,” though may have to add the social networking aspect at a later time. In addition, we would like to add point-to-point global train travel, but again this would be a phase 2 project.

    Thanks again for the nice chart, it pretty much sums up what consumers are looking for in a true one-stop shop travel company.

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