Google’s browser interests

August 15, 2007

Rumours abound once again of Google’s ambitions in the browser market. Apparently they’ve registered as a domain name and various blog posts online and discussing the benefits they could derive from entering this competitive market.

Google already have a small investment in Maxthon, a browser popular in the Chinese market. Whether this could be the base of a push into producing a browser remains to be seen.

Of course, could be something entirely different. It could be an attempt to secure the domain name for other possible uses, one of which I’d suggest could be an offline browser (more like an Explorer than a traditional browser) to access Google Apps, Docs, Gmail etc when full on/offline functionality is launched which must be coming sometime soon (you’d imagine). It would add a lot of value if you could download all those Google services to your hard disk for browsing and ammending before reconnecting to upload changes. That would really make Google a desktop app and fully portable!


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