Is Technorati broken again?

August 16, 2007

Recently Technorati has been having problems with indexing new posts after you ping the service. A few weeks back it went almost a week without picking up anything new from my blog. Today it’s doing the same, and yesterday it picked up one but missed out older posts.

They seem to be having some issues over at Technorati towers. The indexing issue is the tip of the iceberg. Technorati is losing it’s usefulness to bloggers and regularly I see posts saying that bloggers no longer rely on it to deliver the traffic it once did. I get very little traffic from Technorati now but like to keep my site up to date by auto-pinging it.

I’d be interested to hear others opinions about the service and what they use to gain traffic now it’s broken.


2 Responses to “Is Technorati broken again?”

  1. Ian Kallen Says:

    Our indexing of your blog looks up-to-date now, see

    There were definitely a confluence of problems recently with indexing latency, search and other systems (data center power outages, crawler errors and other issues that have been getting covered in the Technorati Forums). I can’t say that all of the issues are resolved but we’re working on the bigger picture problems as well as responding to specific operational issues that have arisen.


  2. Steve E Says:

    Hi Ian,

    Thanks, it certainly does look up to date now. Perhaps just a slight delay again over the past two days.


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