Tripadvisor buys Facebook app for $3M!

August 17, 2007

Amazingly, Tripadvisor have paid $3M for the Facebook app ‘Where I’ve Been’. It’s a map that users can add to their Facebook profile and display all the destinations they’ve visited.

Mashable has an interesting take on this (saying it’s insanity) and make some good points such as how do Tripadvisor intend to monetise it.

My opinion is that as ‘Where I’ve Been’ already has 2.3 million users, it’s better than creating a new one and trying to gain their own user base. I’m sure TripAdvisor will find a way to monetise this anyway, they now have access to the user base and if they update the app to include new features then they will automatically get propagated to the user base.

Online travel certainly is getting interesting!

Edit: Mashable is now carrying a story which denies this deal has happened.


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