Google’s growing pains

August 20, 2007

Google has been undergoing immense growth lately. Since it’s IPO in 2004 they have experienced 500% growth in value which is extraordinary!

Growth of that magnitude doesn’t come easy and Google is experiencing that right now with the lawsuits and anti-trust process they are going through currently. They also have all the issues that any fast growing company experiences such as finding enough skilled staff, dealing with the latest competitors and keeping cash flows liquid.

One test could come from Openads, a London company whose free ad-server software competes with DoubleClick. Openads is headed by James Bilefield, a veteran of Skype and Yahoo, and backed by Index Ventures and Mangrove Capital Partners, who also backed Skype, as well as First Round Capital and O’Reilly AlphaTech Ventures.

Unlike DoubleClick, Openads does not collect consumer information from the publishers who use its software. While its 20,000 customers are primarily small publishers, larger players who are concerned that DoubleClick could end up sharing information with Google are looking at Openads as an alternative.

This article has a lot more detail.


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